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Single Adult Ages 18+
(1) Couple 2 guests, 1 room
(2) Couples Per couple price of
Child add-on (15 and under)
*Call for Larger Groups and Special Pricing

Let us show you all there is to see in Yellowstone and more!

Our intimate 2-Day tour takes you to all of Yellowstone National Park and includes a one-night stay at the historic Old Faithful Inn. We depart Cody, WY and enter Yellowstone either through the east gate or the northeast gate – depending on the time of year. Climb aboard our high-roof 14 passenger vans that house plenty of room for luggage and personal items.

*Hotel reservations are made at time of booking so if rooms are unavailable at Old Faithful Inn we will research next best suggestion and always let you know before booking. Prices are based on room costs of $350/night after fees so price adjustments may be necessary. We will communicate this with you.

The biggest difference you will notice on this 2-Day tour is we are able to spend more time at everybody’s favorite features, learn more about them and spend more time spotting for wildlife. The pace of this tour is much more relaxed and focused, as each day the miles of driving is less than a day tour, so you have greater opportunity to see what you want and experience what you are interested in. This tour is a wonderful time for couples or other individuals looking to see all of Yellowstone without worrying about missing a thing.

In addition, after arrival at the Old Faithful area around 5pm, we offer an optional stroll through the Upper Geyser Basin for your guide to show you the many geysers and colorful hot springs in the UGB and educate you on other predictable geysers not named Old Faithful. There are plenty of options for dinner, and if requested we will make a reservation for your group up in advance at the Old Faithful Inn luxury restaurant.

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Old Faithful Inn was designed by renowned architect Robert Reamer and built in 1905. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. It should be noted that as an over 100 year old structure the bathrooms and showers are shared bathrooms in the hallways; about 4 rooms per each men’s and women’s restroom. This is because of the plumbing technology that did not exist in 1905. There are other newer hotels near Old Faithful so if this is not OK just let us know and we will find what suits your needs. Join us on this lovely 2-Day tour of Yellowstone National Park!

Featured sights include: Lamar Valley, Mammoth Hot Springs, Norris Geyser Basin, Grand Prismatic Spring, Old Faithful, West Thumb, Hayden Valley, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and more!

*By Booking this tour you agree to our Visitor Acknowledgement of Risk*

Multi-Day tours to Yellowstone:

Multi-Day tours to Yellowstone are a great way to tour Yellowstone National Park in a relaxed way, ensuring you see everything and leave with a experience you will never forget. It is always a joy to stay inside the world’s first national park, even though it may not be as luxurious as possible places outside the park. 

If you would like us to arrange a different itinerary for your party, we are happy to do so and accommodate as best we can with our expert guidance and knowledge. In this case, it is best to give us a call to talk about how we can handle everything you’re looking for and research places to stay for you. Tip: It is best to plan this early as desirable hotels fill up fast!