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Greater Yellowstone Flight Tours!

Soar like an eagle and see Yellowstone from from the sky as our intimate flight tours go above and beyond!

Quick Details

Per person
Private Tour Up to 3 people
Point-to-Point Jackson, Gardiner, Bozeman, etc.

See the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem from above as our flight tours show you Yellowstone and so much more!

Hop aboard a Cessna Skymaster dual engine plane to see Wyoming like you never thought you would and get pictures AND memories to last a lifetime. Note that this aerial tour does NOT go over Yellowstone boundary, but rather skirts the edges and shows you the bountiful beauty of terrain even more rugged than.

Occasionally this tour will be subjected to different routes due to weather but have no fear, there is plenty of amazing sights to see. Our main route starts from Cody, WY and within minutes showcases the stunning view of Dead Indians Pass and the Chief Joseph Scenic Wilderness Absaroka mountain range. As we gain altitude we will head up and around the northeast corner of the park’s boundary and you will see beauty like never in the Beartooth mountain range – I guarantee it!!

After we fly over the 300+ alpine lakes, the tallest peak in the state of Montana (Granite Peak) and the famed ‘Bear’s Tooth’ we loop back around and head south along Yellowstone’s east border viewing many famous sites in Yellowstone such as Lamar Valley and Yellowstone Lake. In addition to this beauty, on a nice day we can see famous sites on the western side such as Grand Prismatic Spring, Mammoth Hot Springs and Upper Geyser Basin (home of Old Faithful).

**Pro Tip: The finer details of Yellowstone are better viewed from the ground. To see Yellowstone up close and personal, try one of our van tours such as the “Full-Day Guided Yellowstone Day Tour” or “Upper Loop Yellowstone” tour**

(Please read below for warnings, disclaimers and safety precautions…)

Trust us: You will love this flight tour.

Warning!!: The flight can be bumpy! If you have any history of getting sea sick or even car sick we recommend taking necessary precautions such as over the counter medication the night before or morning of to combat this. It is better to be safe ahead of time than wish you had done something 15 minutes into your flight.

Disclaimer!!: Yellowstone flight tours are run and operated by Yellowstone Turbine, LLC, A Montana Company. User agrees to hold harmless CG Tours DBA CoveredGround Tours Inc., A Wyoming Corporation, for any fault or misteps taken by Yellowstone Turbine. User understands CG Tours, Inc. DBA CoveredGround Tours is the manager of the aerial tours reservations and marketing and does not control or manage anything related to pilots, maintenance, licensing, regulations, flight insurance or anything related to the FAA or airplane travel and flights. Conversely, user understands that Yellowstone Turbine, LLC is fully licensed, insured and approved by the FAA to offer commercial tours and regional flights to consumers.

User will be provided with and required to sign a liability form for Yellowstone Turbine, LLC as well as a hold harmless agreement between them and CG Tours, Inc. Advanced copies will be provided via email.

Safety Precautions & Cancellation Policy: For any flight on any day, we reserve the right to cancel, delay or reschedule any flight due to weather, wind, plane or pilot issues, or any other reason related to the safety and well-being of the airplane and persons to be flying. In addition, we reserve the right to decide and select the best route and travel path for your 1-hour greater Yellowstone flight tour for the best time possible. Please understand there is no shortage of awesome and amazing routes and our pilots are the best and knowing the landscape and boundaries and what will be best on any given day.

We have a strict 7-Day cancellation policy for a full refund. After that, private tours only can receive a 50% refund until 48 hours before takeoff where no refunds will be provided. If we have to cancel and are unable to reschedule, tickets will be refunded.

We look forward to providing you an awesome and professional experience!


What is provided: Ginger snacks, water, emergency waste bags, communication headset.

What to bring: Jacket or sweater, personal water bottle, handheld oxygen if needed (available at Walmart or Walgreens), camera, gratuity for guide.