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a man standing in front of a mountain


Originally from Lake Tahoe, CA, Colter left his career in construction supply sales to pursue his true passion: The great outdoors. Road trips across the US to places like Crater Lake, Devils Tower and even the Mississippi coast inspired him to help others enjoy their own road trip and all things he loves about this beautiful country. Sharing his passion with visitors is one of his greatest joys of founding CoveredGround Tours. During the offseason tours don’t stop for Colter as you can often find him traveling to other inspiring destinations and taking tours as a guest. Some of his recent favorite destination tours include spotting the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, AK, ATV riding in Zion National Park and an 8-day adventure in the Southwestern Mexico state of Oaxaca.

a man standing in front of a mountain


A native of St. Petersburg, Florida, Allison loves living ‘out west’ and everything the mountains have to offer her. Initially coming to Wyoming to work at a dude ranch on the Northfork Shoshone River, Allison has found her calling in constantly learning more and more about this fascinating area and sharing everything she loves with her clients. Some of her favorite activities outside of work are rock hunting (petrified wood is her favorite), fishing, hiking and throwing frisbee to her beloved dog, Gin. When Allison is not guiding tours of Yellowstone in the summer she lives and works in Big Sky, MT.

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Kody grew up in northwest Ohio where he developed a lifelong love of nature and travel. Eventually, his travels brought him to Wyoming where he now lives with his wife and two dogs in Cody, WY. With an extensive background of work experience in all types of fields, Kody is extremely well-rounded in his knowledge base and can’t wait to return each season to help people see wildlife and enjoy the mountains as much as he does.

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A natural storyteller from Houston, TX, Jack considers history a crucial part of his tours. His innate talent for storytelling and upbeat attitude combine perfectly with Yellowstone’s rich history and natural wonders. Don’t get him talking too much though, he might never stop…As a newfound fan of the Cody Nite Rodeo Jack has been practicing lassoing with his fellow guides in his downtime.

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Maddie is originally from Alaska. A born and raised mountain woman, she grew up going to Yellowstone and loves to share her stories from over the years. When she isn’t guiding epic tours, she is traveling the globe, aiming to always have visited more countries than her age (she’s currently successful). In addition to her love of Yellowstone and all things outdoors, Maddie has a passion for art, rock climbing and flying with her Dad.