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Adult Ages 16+
Child Ages 15 and under

Experience the fabulous Upper Loop of Yellowstone in Cody, Wyoming!

This Wildlife & Nature tour departs Cody, Wyoming and heads north through the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway into the northeast gate of Yellowstone. It puts you right into the heart of Lamar Valley, long considered the ‘Serengeti of the West’ because of its herds of buffalo and elk and the intense predator-prey scenes caught on camera each year. While there is always an element of chance to wildlife spotting this tour gives us the best chance to see wolves grazing the open plains, and a lot more wildlife activities especially in the spring and fall months.

*By Booking this tour you agree to our Visitor Acknowledgement of Risk*

The tour continues onward to Mammoth Hot Springs to see the largest deposit of travertine in the world, where we either continue the loop around Norris Geyser Basin or head back over Mt. Washburn before stopping at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. This tour is also 256 miles and exits out the east gate back to Cody, WY. There are ample opportunities to see the following wildlife: Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Wolves, Bison, Moose, Elk, and Bighorn Sheep.

*In May, entrance through the northeast gate can see occasional closures due to weather over mountain pass. We will plan a different route according to weather conditions *


Why take a guided tour to Yellowstone with us:

Yellowstone is hard to do on your own, and often takes multiple days to see all the sights. It is difficult to just drive in with a map and leave with a rewarding experience in one day, especially for the driver. Most will end up turning around!

What we do as guides is far more than drive you around from stop to stop. We study the park thoroughly and share a great deal of information about Yellowstone Park: the history, wildlife, hot springs, geysers, the waterways, supervolcanos and much more. We also know which stops to skip, how much time to spend at each feature and the best viewpoints to access while knowing geyser eruption schedules and when to get you home. Our goal is to guide you through the national park in a timely, enjoyable fashion that’s exciting for all. We also know all the best bathrooms and gift shops!

Lastly, we are an active tour company, so we get out and walk the features with you. If someone wants to stay behind or sit out a stop we know exactly where to relax and will ensure you know where to join back up with the group. We tend to walk over 10,000 steps (~ 3 miles) every tour (and willing to do more). You will never get a lazy guide from us. Take a CoveredGround tour, you will not regret it! We are the PROS!