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a car parked on the side of a mountain

All of our vans are 2020 or newer Ford Transit 350 XLT 15 passenger vans designed for comfort, reliability and space. Our tallest van, nicknamed ‘Old Faithful’ boasts a 9’6″ clearance so if you are 6’5″ or under (and your last name is not Mutombo) you can fully stand inside.

It is this space that truly provides the luxurious experience and not feeling crammed that gives you the comfort you are looking for. Most of us get in and out of a vehicle everyday and are very familiar with getting in the backseat of a suburban or other large SUV. Having the ability to walk in and out of the vehicle comfortably is what transforms the experience from feeling like an Uber ride to an actual tour where we are in control and your job is to sit back and enjoy!

a group of parked cars

Equipped with the standard comforts of heat, air-conditioning (much appreciated on hot days), seat belts on every seat and headrests you never feel unsafe or like you’re getting a subpar experience.

We keep all our vehicles well-maintained with regular oil changes, break jobs and new tires. These vehicles are extremely reliable and resilient for the roads we drive and the miles we cover on a daily basis.

a car parked in a parking lot in front of a mountain

In addition to the height and interior spaciousness, do not discount the large windows and most importantly, the large windshield! Being able to see the wonderful sights and view wildlife and other features from a safe vehicle is extremely important. Seeing what the driver sees straight ahead allows you to never feel like you’re missing out and you can keep your eyes on the same thing as your guide.

I would say ‘there’s more than meets the eye’ but in this case it’s all about the eyes, and the more eyes we have looking out the greater the chance to catch a glimpse of something amazing.

a man standing in front of a truck